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We are proud to offer the very best quality Native American Art, Pottery, Artifacts, and Kachina Dolls.  We specialize in replica artifacts made by members of the Navajo, Cherokee, and Creek cultures.  All genuine reproductions are handcrafted in the American Southwest and come with Certificates of Authenticity.

Please Note!  We ship within 1 -2 days of order placement!

Our selection of artifacts include Arrows, Quivers and Bows.  All are handmade, intricately decorated in feathers, beads, leather, fringes, etc.  We have a large variety of working Pipes ranging from tiny Mini-Pipes to elaborate Ceremonial Pipes beautifully crafted and decorated.  You can find wonderfully crafted Ceremonial Rattles by the Navajo, Cherokee, and Creek Indians.  There is also a large selection of Medicine Bags and Pouches, as well as Handbags fashioned by artists from the Cherokee, Navajo and Yaqui cultures.

Other artifact categories include Lances, Ceremonial Shields, Trail Markers, Dance Sticks, Prayer Fans, Hatchets and Tomahawks, Drums, Flutes, Knives, and miscellaneous items such as Cradle-boards, Dream-catchers, Coup Sticks, Medicine Wheels, etc.

Grey Wolf Trading Post also has a separate section for Navajo Kachina Dolls and another section for Horsehair Pottery.  The Kachinas, beautifully fashioned in bright colored feathers, fabric, and beads, are great collectible pieces.  All of our Horsehair Pottery is handcrafted by Master Potters in Arizona and New Mexico and comes with Certificates of Authenticity.

So, take time to browse our site and come back often as we are constantly adding new items.  Just click on any of the categories to the left or any of the major section images below.

We are confident that you will find our selection of Native American Artifacts, Navajo Kachinas, and Horsehair Pottery to be of the highest quality and exceptional examples of Native American Culture and Artistry, and a welcome addition to your collection.

Native American Replica Artifacts

Warrior Bow and Quiver
Browse our site to view exciting Native American Artifacts – Bows, Arrows, Quivers, Lances, Pipes, Tomahawks, Flutes, Drums, and much, much more.

Click on the image to go to the first page of the Artifact Section.

Horsehair Pottery

Horsehair Pottery - The New Arrival
A large selection of Native American Horsehair Pottery is now available.  Many of these pieces were created by Master Artist, Tom Vail and his extremely talented family.

Click on the image to enter our Horsehair Pottery Section.

Navajo Kachina Dolls

Navajo Antelope Kachina Doll
Browse a large selection of Navajo Kachina Dolls and add to your collection.

Click on the image to enter the Navajo Kachina Section.


Native American Baskets

Native American Baskets
View our collection of finely made Native American Baskets and Coil Plaques.

Click on the image to enter the Basket Section.


Navajo Woven Rugs

Navajo Rug
Check out our selection of wonderful hand-made Navajo Woven Rugs.

Click on the image to enter the Navajo Rug Section.


American Indian Art – The Perfect Gift


As we enter the holiday gift giving season, why not consider giving Native American Art to a relative or close friend? In the search for the perfect gift, many people, unfortunately, don’t stop to realize that giving Native American Art is a great idea not only for the Holidays, but just about for any occasion.

The reason that more people are not aware of the beauty and variety of American Indian Art is simply a lack of stores displaying and merchandising these items. Other than in the Southwest and Western states, one would seldom see a store or gift shop specializing in Native American gifts. But now, online shopping on sites such as Grey Wolf Trading Post, anyone can discover and purchase these exceptional works of art, hand-crafted by Native American Indians of the Southwest….. Read the rest of the article.


Native American Christmas Items

Clay Ceramic Nativity Scene
Presenting a collection of Native American Christmas Ornaments and Nativities for your Holiday decorating and gift giving.



Creek Made Ceremonial Turkey Dance Stick Walking Stick Painted Buffalo Drum
Ceremonial Dance Stick
Ceremonial Walking Sticks
Buffalo Drum
Painted Drum Ojibwe Tomahawk Apache Tomahawk/Shield
Painted Drum
Ojibwe Tomahawk
Apache Tomahawk/Shield
Knife Sheath Alabaster Knife White Marble Knife
Knife Sheaths
Alabaster Knife
White Marble Knife
Prayer Fan
Prayer Fans
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