Native American Pipestone Elbow Mini Pipe – RE-1329

Native American Made Pipestone Elbow Mini Pipe

This is a fully functional 8 inch long peace pipe with pipestone elbow bowl and wood stem. This pipe is handcrafted by a Native American, and the pipestone comes from Pipestone, Minnesota. The bowl is 2 in long and 1.75 in. tall. The top of the bowl is .75 and the opening is .375 in.
See Image Below for Additional View.

Artist: C.T.

Dimensions: 8″ long total

Price: $89.95
Price includes shipping!


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Additional View

Native American Made Pipestone Elbow Mini Pipe

The Native American Indian Artists use only genuine feathers, furs, bones, beads, leather, wood, stone, etc. in the making of each work of art. There is nothing artificial used unless it is required by law. No parts of animals such as bones, feathers, etc. are from any animals considered endangered. The feathers used are from Wild Turkeys.

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